"I Am Sam": Share a Cup with a Mom Savoring Life's Perfect Moments!

I am the eldest of seven children.  My parents are devout Catholics and taught me early on in life about growing in faith.  I will forever be grateful to them for bringing me into a Catholic community where I continue to grow in my spiritual life.

I am married to my first and only love, Noli.  I was 24 years old when I first met my husband, we were together for 3 years, engaged for a year, and finally got married in 2004. He is my truest, closest, best friend in the world!

I am also a proud mom to an adorable son, Miguel Joaquin. I am happy to share that I am a hands-on mother (and an occasional "stagemom"!), surviving my son's toddler years on my own - without a nanny to rely on.  I used to think that being a mom was easy until I became one.  I am currently pregnant with my second baby - finally, a girl this time around! 

Professional Background:

Right after graduating from college in 1997, I worked as an Account Executive with Hemisphere-Leo Burnett advertising agency, then moved on to Gift Gate, Inc. in 1998 as an Advertising and Promotions Officer.  I was then hired as Events Marketing Head in 2000 by the Social Communications department of Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation, Inc.   

From 2006 to January 2013, my husband and I were based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where I worked as the Regional Multimedia Coordinator for the Couples for Christ Middle East Regional Missions Office.  In 2013, I was given a new assignment as the Head of the CFC Global Communications Office of Couples for Christ Global Mission Center, Manila Head Office.  

Currently, I am an Integrated Marketing Communications Group Head for Alouatta, Inc., a Marketing, Advertising, and PR firm.  

Educational Background:

I graduated from the University of Asia and the Pacific College of Arts and Sciences with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, Major in Communication.  

As a Writer:

Writing have always been my passion - most of the time simply to express myself. 

I basically write about topics closest to my heart - Family, Relationships, Parenting, Love, Faith, Being a Woman and Life Lessons. 

I wrote and contributed articles for various publications initially with Ugnayan (Couples for Christ Official Newsletter Supplement in the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines - CBCP - Monitor), In His Steps (Couples for Christ Official Devotional Prayer Journal) from 2000 to 2007, Mother, Baby and Child Magazine (Dubai-based parenting magazine) in 2011, and Smart Parenting Philippines Website from 2011 to present.   

I also have a regular column, "Live Free" in Tapat Catholic News, a publication under the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).  

I began blogging in 2009 but kept it as a private journal until finally deciding to unleash my passion and share my world to more people through "Coffee Moments with Sam". 

As a Resource Speaker:

I gave my first talk when I was 15 thru a Youth for Christ activity, speaking before a crowd of about a hundred.  My college training in public speaking further enhanced my confidence and skills to be able to give talks in various conferences, retreats, recollections, and workshops in various sectors in Manila, schools and universities, provinces, and even other countries as a service to my CFC community. 

Outside my community, I have been blessed and privileged to be invited to give teachings and talks on Pro-Life, Chasity Awareness, Family and Relationships, Events and Marketing Training to other social groups as well. 

As a Lay Missionary:

As a missionary, I had been involved in various programs and events focused on enriching family life and relationships.  

My involvement with the various Family Ministries of our community provided me the rich experience and pastoral training to handle various family, life and relationship issues. 

As a Career Woman:

As an IMC professional, I manage all the marketing, advertising, and PR requirements of my clients, such as press conferences, events, press releases, media relations, mainstream and online advertising among others.