Coffee Moments

I grew up loving the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee in the morning.  My dad loves coffee.   He would normally start his day with a cup (or sometimes 2), reading the day’s newspaper, taking his time to just sit back and enjoy a quiet moment.  Whenever I would see my dad in his “coffee moment”, I knew this is always the best time to sit down with him and enjoy precious moments to talk.  I cherish these moments with my dad.  This is how I actually first learned to value and savor the taste of life’s “coffee moments”.  

A coffee moment is not about the “coffee”, rather it is those precious moments - whether alone or shared with someone else - that bring comfort, warmth, cherished memories, intimate conversations; or perhaps, a time to reflect and simply just to have a break. 

Through the years, I discovered and experienced more of these “moments”.  These are moments when amidst our fast-faced, sometimes stressful and challenging lifestyles, there will always be reasons to simply “feel-good…

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