5 Reasons Why It Is Important for Kids to Bond with their Grandparents

I have always shared a strong, intimate relationship with my parents growing up.  But when I started to pursue a career, got married, and had my own family, it became quite a challenge for me to spend quality time with them. That is why when I finally became a mom, I found the perfect reason in my child to renew that bond and keep in touch with them.  

It felt great to see them transform from simply being my parents to loving grandparents to my child.  More importantly, I find joy in knowing that the people who matter most in my life are also the same persons who would be there for my children. 

Most of us believe that grandparents are really good at spoiling their “apos” as I have witnessed.  But beyond that they are an important part of our children’s life.   

Dr. Lillian Carson, D.S.W., L.C.S.W. Author of the Parents' Choice Award Winner THE ESSENTIAL GRANDPARENT: A Guide to Making A Difference, stated that effective grandparents have great power to change lives. They have wisdom to pass on, values and beliefs to share, skills to teach and a culture to honor.

Here are 5 reasons why it is important for our children to grow in their relationship with their grandparents: 

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