The Lego Lesson

I love watching my son play with his Lego toys.  His simple yet vast world of imagination can create different scenes, each with unique stories and situations.  

One time, however, he came up to me feeling frustrated and disappointed.  "Mommy, look at the car I built's broken!" he said, showing me one of his Lego creations, "I don't know how to fix it again."   

"Of course, you can", I said encouragingly.  "Just try your best to build it again".

"But I don't remember anymore..." he said giving up.  

"Okay, if you can't build the exact, same thing, why don't you just build a new one."  I said.  

He then went back to his play area and started to build a new car.  After a while, he came back to me and showed me his latest masterpiece.  

"Mommy, look!"  proudly holding up his new Lego car, "I built a new one and I like this better than the one I built yesterday!"  

I was able to reflect on this simple "mom" moment with my son...

Just like the "Lego Lesson", sometimes it's so easy to get frustrated and disappointed with life.  When things don't happen as planned, we tend to give up.  There are moments when we will find ourselves broken and find it difficult to strive for the best.  But the great thing about life is that our brokenness and pains are there to help us become better persons.

In life, there will always be opportunities to re-build a totally new and brighter future ahead - oftentimes it is even beyond what we expect and hoped for.  

So whenever we feel like our life seem to be falling apart, we can either choose to focus on our brokenness, keep looking back at our past mistakes, and be contented in being same person we always thought ourselves to be...  Or we can move forward and build up a stronger, smarter, better version of ourselves the way God wants us to be.