“See, you have been made well. Do not sin anymore, so that nothing worse happens to you” – John 5:14

People who had the privilege to live in the time of Christ had physically experienced His healing power.  But to many, who persecute Him, all these are non-sense.  How I envy those who had personal encounters with Christ back then.

But in this day and age, God did not allow us to be deprived of such privilege.  Even though Christ is not anymore physically alive with us, He is most present in our hearts.  Today, He not only heal physical ailments, he heals us emotionally and spiritually as well.  His work continues until today. 

I’ve been “sick” so many times in my life.  I’ve experienced different kinds of physical, emotional and spiritual sickness. But until now I’m happy to share that God never failed to restore me back to “health”.  And everytime, I would experience His great healing, I see to it that I strive to live out the life He wanted me to live to the fullest.  Christ’s prescription is priceless.  All we need is to believe with our hearts that He can. 

(reflection contribution for In His Steps Prayer Journal - 2006)