5 Years of Perfect Moments

As I was in the midst of de-cluttering my closet a few days back, i happened to find a CD compilation which contained photos of my husband, Noli, and myself.  Most of it were pics taken when he was still my boyfriend.  It was fun sorting through it once again as it brought back a lot of wonderful memories. Gosh, I just can't believe how fast time flies.  Here are some of it...
(this was I think in 2002, during the 1st SFC Global One event)
(2001, during a conference for Singles in Bacolod)
(2003, during the Metro Manila Conference for the Youth, National Arts Center, Laguna)
 Today, September 18, 2009, we are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. 

5 Years of "perfect" and "not-so-perfect" moments haha!   But each day is definitely worth it. 

As I look forward to more perfect moments, i wish to pick up from what my dad had said in an email sometime ago... "take care of your family (Mico and Noli)... that is now your mission in life."

I never saw it that way before.  But truly, with the blessing of my husband Noli and my son Mico, I thank God for giving them to me as my personal mission in life.

Here's to more years of love and blessings!