For Two Special Men in My Life

Today is a very special day. My brother and my husband are celebrating their birthdays!  Unfortunately, I won't get to spend this day with them - (my brother, ofcourse, is in Manila, while my husband is in Bahrain to prepare for a conference) - still i don't want to miss this opportunity to honor these two special men in my life.   

To my brother, Emil, I am proud of everything you have achieved.  Growing up together sealed that special bond between us as brother and sister, and I continue to cherish this inspite of the distance and inspite of having our own lives now.  Take care always...

To my husband, Noli, thanks for the love and the care.  Thanks for inspiring me to be a better person and for the patience to bear with my shortcomings (haha).  I honor you for being a great dad to Mico... can't wait for those father-son activities soon when he grows up.  I honor you as well for being a committed servant of God as you continue to devote your time, talent and treasure to the community.