To Mom and Dad on their 34th Anniversary

34 years ago, two very young and extremely opposite individuals found their way into each other's life.  These two individuals are, of course, my mom and dad... God's greatest blessings in my life.

Growing up, I strived to be the daughter my parents would be proud of - achieve good grades in school, pursue my talents and dreams and excel in it, strive to do what is right and develop a deep faith in God.  Though in reality it may seem difficult to be such, for there could never be a perfect daughter.  But nothing could ever discourage me from striving to be the best that I can be. For it is through this that I can best honor them and thank God for the blessing of my parents.

As they celebrate their 34th Wedding Anniversary, i wish to thank them for the all the love, the care and the learnings in life...

To my dad, thank you for teaching me the value of self-discipline, of hardwork and professionalism, of time management and for being accountable for responsibilities.  Maybe other people perceive you to be a very serious person but for me, I have always loved your "wacky" side...  most especially our common love for the game of basketball (How could i ever forget those Purefoods-Ginebra days - haha!  Me, being a Purefoods fan and you, die-hard Ginebra, I will never hear the end of it everytime my team would lose). One thing I also admire in you is your passion for writing... you, being a man of few words, can translate so much of life's wisdom in writing.  That's why I know I can always rely on you for enlightenment most especially when it comes to realities in life.

To my mom, thank you for being my bestfriend.  More importantly, thank you for your example of faith in God, for being my prayer warrior, especially during my most difficult times.  You have taught me the value of patience, of unconditional love and perseverance amidst challenges.  On a lighter side, I appreciate so much how you influenced me to be always well-groomed - check my eyebrows... put on lipstick (so as not to look pale)... dress smartly... it is always a perfect moment for me everytime we would go to the salon together for our "kikay" rituals (I look forward to having my own daughter so I can continue this mother-daughter tradition - haha!).  Of course, most important of all is, I thank you for inspiring me to give my best in fulfilling my role as a wife and mother to my own family.

And now as I look forward to strengthening my own famly, the 3 most important things I wish to carry out as my parents' legacy to me are:

MY FAMILY IS MY MISSION IN LIFE.  No matter how tough things are, no matter how great the challenges we face, no matter how difficult life may seem... i have to stick to my family through thick or thin.  I have to stand up for and with them most especially in times of trials.

ENJOY EVERY "PERFECT MOMENT" WITH EACH OTHER.  Raising 7 children, I know is tough for my parents.  But they never failed to spend quality time (even if it is a challenge to find quantity time) with us. Enjoy "togetherness" as perfect moments. 

GOD IS AT THE CENTER OF EVERY FAMILY.  I thank God for bringing my parents into the community of Couples for Christ and I thank my parents for bringing us along with them.  And together with my husband, we also hope to bring our children into a Christian environment as we continue on our parents' legacy of building a Christian family.

Happy 34th Anniversary Papa and Mama!