Funny story featured in Mother, Baby and Child Magazine and Website for August 2011:

“One of my favourite bonding activities with my three-year-old son, Mico, is to read books.  To gradually start him into the habit of reading, we would play a game of naming various pictures and images. One time I was quite busy reading some personal emails at home when my son came up to me carrying his favourite Toy Story book.

Mico: (pointing at a picture of Woody) Mummy, this…

Mummy: (barely glancing at the picture) Woody!

Mico: (this time pointing at Woody’s horse, Bulls-eye) Mummy, this…

Mummy: (taking a quick look at what he is pointing to) Bulls-eye

Mico: (pointing at Buzz Lightyear) This, mummy?

Mummy: (not looking, already knew he would be pointing at Buzz next): Buzz

Mico: (pointing to a new Toy Story 3 character) This?

Mummy: (taking a quick look but since the character wasn’t quite familiar and I was too busy to think about who it was) I don’t know, baby, okay?

The following day, my son came up to me once again with the same Toy Story book.  This time, as he points to the characters, he would identify their names.

Mico: (pointing at Woody): Woo-dy

Mummy: Good!

Mico: (pointing at Buzz): Buzz

Mummy: Very good!

Mico: (pointing at the same new character I couldn’t identify the previous day): I … don’t… know!

He said the words happily as if he was so sure it was that character’s name.  From that moment on, that character was known to my son as ‘I don’t know’!”