FAMILY CAFE: Roses for Grandma

I may not want to admit it, but i was a spoiled "apo"... i was the daughter my grandmother never had.  As the first daughter of her eldest son, and a "girl" at that... i was instantly the "apple of her eye".  As a young girl, she showered me with everything a child my age would ask for and ofcourse, i loved her for that.  When i grew up to be a teenager, who was eager to explore life, we began to drift apart.  I was growing up fast, living my own life... but she couldn't let me go, still seeing me as that child who used to play with dolls.  We struggled with our relationship... we argued a lot... we have said so many hurtful things... we have caused each other a lot of pain.  But with God's grace, a few years back, i found it in my heart to forgive her. Simply, deciding to let go and let God heal us both.

This morning, my grandmother passed away.   Inspite of our love-hate relationship, it all comes down to hope and love.  May she now be at peace with her Creator... may she experience love thru our prayers.  I may not be with my family right now to physically comfort them.  But I am praying for my mom and my siblings that they experience healing in their hearts.   Most especially, I pray for my dad in his time of sorrow and mourning, may he be assured of God's comforting love and grace.

Rest in peace, "nanay".