Funky Baby Shower Ideas

I love “baby showers”.   I believe this event in a woman’s life ought to be special, most especially for first-time moms (like myself 3 years ago), for it celebrates the joy and privilege of motherhood.
Baby Shower themes should fit the mother’s personality as well as her dreams and hopes for her soon-to-be born little one.  This will guarantee a more personal and intimate touch to the occasion. 

Here are just some ideas:

1.    “Perfect Moments” (A Photo-themed Baby Shower)
For sentimental moms who wish to cherish every “perfect mommy moments”:

-       First on your list: A camera!  Very important to capture to all those perfect moments!

-       Set the tone for this theme by being creative with your invitations – you may use a film-designed invitation or a picture framed invitation.

-       Set up venue as if it were a mini photo studio.  Instead of the usual black and white backdrop as normally seen in a real studio, experiment with bright colors as main background.  You may consult the mother-to-be of her preference.

-       Place a sofa rather than a stool (which are usually the case in photo studios), at the center where the mother-to-be can sit comfortably. 

-       Add in some cute, playful  props which your guests can pose with such as large, funky sunglasses, fun hats, colorful wigs, large animal stuffed toys, etc,

-       Ask each guest to bring baby photos of themselves.  Set up a blank photo wall where they can post their cute baby pics.  You can even play a “guessing game” later on by matching each person to their baby pic.

-       Guests can take turns in having their photos taken using any of the funky props of their choice and pose with the mother-to-be. 

-       Have a scrapbook ready where guests can write their well-wishes both for the mom and her little one on the blank pages assigned

-       After the event, print out all photos from the shower and add them in the scrapbook together with all the messages from your guests … this already makes  for an instant present for the mom-to-be

-       You may also opt to send a thank you e-card along with a group photo from the shower as a fitting souvenir as well for your guests.

-       Gift suggestions for this type of baby shower:  A Baby Journal – great way to record a baby’s first years and milestones or a Gift Certificate for a family photo session which the proud new parents can use soon after their little one has been born into this world  

2.    It’s Small World After All (Baby Shower for the Jet-setting Mom)
For moms who love to travel, then this theme is for her:

-       For the invitations, it can be designed like a passport or a boarding pass

-       Decorate the place with images of various country landmarks or flags or even children in national costumes

-       You may also request your guests to come in their favorite national costumes (it doesn’t necessarily have to be from their own country) or another option can be to come with a piece of clothing or item to represent a particular country, for instance, a Hawaiian lei, a French beret, a Spanish fan, or a kimono-type blouse, etc.

-       You may serve a variety of international food, perhaps trying one dish per country.  You may consult the mother-to-be of her preference

-       Suggested game: “Baby’s Going To…” (Baby’s Travel Essentials Game):
a.    group can be divided into two teams. 
b.    3 rounds can be played, where in each round, facilitator will say the line – “Baby’s going to… (assign a particular destination)”, for instance,  the beach or a  country-side, etc. 
c.    As soon as the facilitator has assigned the destination, she will then give the signal for each team to come up with a list of travel essentials baby will need for that particular trip. 
d.    Teams will be given time limit to list down as many as they can.  Once time is up,   each group will read their list and for every item they mentioned which the other group has also listed, they will both have to cross out that particular item. 
e.    Whichever team has more uncrossed items left on their list wins the game.

-       Some gift suggestions for this type of baby shower: Baby’s travel kit with multi-pockets and large enough to carry all baby essentials, baby carrier, or customized for baby passport case.

3.    Pajama Time!  (Bedtime-themed Shower)
Give mom-to-be a laid-back, casual and relaxing shower with this pajama party!

-       Invitations may be designed as a pajama or a pillow

-       Decorate the venue as if it were a kid’s room (you may adjust the look according to the gender of the soon-to-be-born baby)

-       Guests may come in their favorite pajamas

-       You may play a game of “Guess the Nursery Rhyme”

-       Guests may also give as gifts, their favorite bedtime storybooks such as “Goodnight Moon”, ‘The Runaway Bunny” and “Guess How Much I Love You”, as a starting library for the mom-to-be

-       You may also give mom-to-be her very own “Pamper Me” kit, which may contain products with relaxing, calming scents (body wash or lotion), compilation of classical lullaby music, mommy and baby matching pillows or pajamas, a compilation of tips on how to have quality “mama-me-time”, etc. 

*Article published in Mother, Baby and Child Magazine - September 2011 Issue