Strengthening Godparent-Godchild Relationship

“Ninongs” and “Ninangs” are often more famous during Christmas. In fact, in the Philippines, godparents have become a Christmas icon. It had been traditional for most Filipino kids to visit their “ninongs” and “ninangs” on Christmas Day to ask for their “aguinaldo” (gifts). Often, godparents give monetary gifts to their “inaanaks” (godchildren); other times, new toys, clothes or shoes. Sadly, however, a lot of inaanaks and godparents get to see each other only on Christmas day. This is why society had stereotyped godparents as the people to go to for material and financial gifts.  
Establishing a strong bond and relationship with each other is very rewarding and beneficial for both the godparent and the godchild, and we parents are the crucial link between the two. Let us encourage and support each party to be able to fulfill their respective accountabilities toward each other.

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*Article for SmartParenting Philippines Website,, December 9, 2011