COFFEE REFLECTIONS: Our Daily Walk With Jesus

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The 2 men in the gospel story (Emmaus Walk) did not initially realize that they were walking and talking with Jesus.  Somehow they felt it.  But it wasn’t until Jesus broke the break and ate with them that they eventually recognized Him. 

There are times when we also fail to see Jesus in our day to day lives.  Most of the time, we tend to focus on our busy lifestyles, our worries and cares, our desires and ambitions.  And when things don’t seem to go our way, we blame it on Jesus for abandoning us.  During these moments we put Jesus to the test, challenging Him to reveal Himself by responding to our great demands. 

But Jesus is always with us.  He never left us even if we sometimes feel that we are alone.  He is always walking with us in our life’s journeys.  Even carrying us whenever we fall down or feel like giving up.  He is always speaking to us through the people we encounter everyday or even through the circumstances in our lives.  We do not need great miracles or concrete signs just to prove that Jesus is alive in our lives.

All we need to do is to reach out to Him and let Him lead us to the right path.  We need to open our eyes to see the many blessings He continue to give us.  And we need to listen with our hearts and our minds to fully understand His wonderful plans and great love for us.

I am so thankful to Jesus, for being my constant “walking buddy” as I personally go thru life and for speaking to me everyday, reminding and assuring me that I am never alone in my journey.   

(A reflection based on the Gospel according to Luke 24:13-35)

Reflection featured in CFC DesertSun - June 12, 2012 - Our Daily Walk With Jesus - CFC DesertSun