Eversince I was young, I share such a wonderful relationship with my parents.  My mom, being a stay at home mom, is my bestfriend.  My dad is my best companion in watching movies and TV series since we often have common interests.  But beyond the kind of relationship we have, they were also my guardians and protectors.  There are certain rules at home which I also need to respect and to understand.  But because I know that these rules are meant to guide me and keep me on track, it wasn’t very difficult for me to follow them.  I’m blessed to have parents who were neither too strict nor too lenient.  But I believe that the confidence I get from the love we share is enough reason to follow them.

Our God is a loving father, the kind of father who only desires what's best for all of us.  He may have imposed certain commandments, most of which we may find difficult to accept and apply in our daily lives.  But all these are meant to give us a better life.  God our Father wants us to live life to the fullest all because He loves us.  And if we, His children, also love Him, we will not question His commandments… we will not feel deprived or even be restricted by His rules.  For if we have such strong faith and great love for God, we will understand in our hearts that all He wanted is to love us to the point of sometimes setting guidelines for us to follow in order that we can be assured of the good life He wants us to live.

(A reflection based on the Gospel according to John 14:21-26)