COFFEE REFLECTIONS: Inspirational Source Provider

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At this time and age of the “world wide web”, everything is just one click away. 

One click is all we need and we can access almost anything and everything we need to know.  Most companies, organizations, and even ordinary people have relied so much on the “world wide web” for information and communication, for research and development, for trends and lifestyle finds.  Gradually, it has become “our” world.  We have become dependent on the internet for almost every aspect of our lives. 

My work often requires me to search the internet for news and information and to have ready access for communication.  With so many options and sites to go to, it is sometimes a challenge for me to know and understand which truly is the best source of information.    There are even times when what I perceive to be the right source actually turns out to be the wrong one.  

In the real world, we need to be careful of the sources thru which we try to seek for answers.  God is the only true source of everything.  In Him we are assured of getting the right information, the only “site” for everything we need to know about life.  He is always a click away in responding to all our needs.  We have unlimited access to His words and favors.  He will never go “offline”, always within our reach... always ready to respond… never shutting us down. 

There is nothing wrong with the things of this world.  But once we have allowed these things to rule our lives and replace God as the center of it, then it becomes a lifeless, misguided world. 
Let God be our main ISP… “Inspirational Source Provider”. 

A reflection based on the Gospel according to John 17:11-19