FEMININE LATTE: Life is Beautiful!

An interesting beauty fact which I came across in a fashion magazine states that "the first few hours of the day is when we look our best." 

Doesn't it feel great to start your day not just looking great... but feeling great as well? 

Personally, I believe that it is no coincidence that we look our best the moment we open our eyes, fresh from a good night's sleep...  looking forward to a brand new day. 

Each new day is an opportunity to be beautiful.  Each new day is a chance to let go of yesterday's troubles and hope for a new beginning.  Each new day is an opportunity to let go of past hurts and choose to love and be healed.  Each new day is a perfect way to make things right. 

The perfect beauty ritual to start any day is ofcourse, prayer, together with a cheerful morning greeting to our loved ones.  This will definitely give us more reasons to feel great. 

Nothing beats the ability of a smile, a loving posture and peaceful attitude to bring out our natural beauty.   

So let us start our day right.  Our beauty will radiate from deep within enough to remind us that "life is indeed beautiful".