COFFEE REFLECTIONS: The Road Less Travelled

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The apostles were the very first missionaries sent out by Jesus, who Himself, was a missionary.
The missionary life is the road less travelled - it is a rocky, difficult path to take.  It is not an easy life.  Most definitely, it is not a materially rewarding life.  But it is the best path to take if we wish to follow Christ’s steps.
Living the life of a missionary has given me the privilege to travel and to meet different people.  What is even more humbling, yet rewarding at the same time, is the opportunity to be hosted by families I get to share a part of myself with.  I haved experienced how most financially privileged people would serve and take care of me, a missionary, just to make sure I experience the comforts of home.  No amount of money can ever compare with the benefit of having a family ready to welcome me wherever I am.

We may always desire the materially and financially privileged life.  But sometimes, it is in the simplest way of living and travelling the long, difficult path that can assure us a truly rich life. Where the treasures are not necessarily money but rich memories, not a big house but a home full of love, not fame but friendships for life, not material blessings but the simple joys we get from the little things we receive everyday.   

A reflection based on the Gospel according to Matthew 10:7-13