COFFEE REFLECTIONS: To Love God and Others

Ironically, the 2 greatest commandment which God has given us, also seem to be the most difficult to fulfill - loving God and loving our neighbor.  These two go together.  We cannot love God without loving our neighbor.  In the same manner, we cannot fully love our neighbor the right way without loving God. 

Some of us may feel that for as long as we serve God… we don’t necessarily need to serve others.  We’re simply contented with just fulfilling our Christian duties of going to mass, praying before meals, praying before bedtime… that’s it. No need to stress ourselves with the concern of other people.  They have their own life and we have our own. 

Or perhaps some may feel that we need to do our best to please other people… to earn their respect and admiration thru the things we do for them.  That for as long as people affirm and glorify us, then that is enough for us.  No need for us to gain God’s affirmation and love getting it from others is enough to “complete” us.

I got inspired with what my husband once said, “how we relate with other people reflects the kind of relationship we have with God”.  Indeed, God is constantly reminding us that we are already loving Him by loving our neighbors.  And if we completely desire to love God, it will then become easier for us to love others as well… most especially the people we find difficult to love.

A reflection based on the Gospel according to Mark 12:28-34