A CUP OF LOVE: It's Complicated!

Is Love Complicated?

Love is such a wonderful thing... We all desire it in our lives.  Many of us are perhaps blessed to have family and friends to love and willingly love us back. Some of us are pirvileged to meet a partner we choose to fall in love with and loves us unconditionally.  LOVE is simple... it just happens.

But some people would think that if LOVE is indeed simple, then why haven't I found the person who is meant for me?  It is better therefore to conclude that love isn't at all simple... it's complicated!

According to Richard Templar, author of the book "The Rules of Love",  love between two people almost always has its complications.  Because people are complicated. 

But God is the author of "true and genuine love".  He never intended it to be complex and unfathomable.  In fact, He wants all of us to experience its fullness and greatness in our lives.  Unfortunately, we are the ones complicating how love should be. 

Sometimes we fall in love for the wrong reasons.  Other times, we put love to the test.  Most of the time, we struggle to search for it.  At times, we feel we are not being loved enough or worse, we are afraid to give love to another person.  Sometimes we either give too much or too little of it.  There are times when love simply fades away.  Or perhaps, we think that love is just not meant for us.

Let God Write Your Love Story

If we will only allow the real author of "love" to write our story, we will actually learn to know and experience how God designed LOVE to be.  As we grow in personal holiness and in our relationship with others, we also grow in our convictions to pursue God-given and stable relationships.

So how are we to wait for that moment to happen?  Here are some attitudes to take:

  1. Burst your Bubbles.  There’s no perfect man or woman!  Step out of the fairy-tale fantasy when it comes to love.  Live in the real world.
  2. Complete Yourself.  Don't wait for someone else to "complete" you.  Build up your confidence by being the best you can be.  Improve yourself... love yourself so that it would be easy for others to love you back.
  3. Know What You Want.  Be clear on what you want in life.  Are you happy with your current state of independence as a single person... do you see yourself getting married in the future... what are your hopes and dreams... Being positive and setting your heart on the things you love most will open opportunities for you to actually meet the "right" one for you.     
  4. Timing is Everything.  Don’t get into relationships just for the sake of having one.  Or if you are frustrated or broken-hearted, give yourself a chance to heal.  If there are things in your life which you feel are still unresolved, allow yourself to grow and learn from it. 
  5. Let go and Let God.  Let God set you up with the ONE.  He knows you better than you know yourself... so let Him choose the right one for you.
Try not to complicate your life by complicating how you love.  Sometimes you don't really need to try so hard to search for true love... it will happen and once it does, be sure that you are ready to live out each chapter as it unfolds.