LAUGH MOMENTS WITH MICO: Anecdote on Pororo the Penguin!

*Laugh Moments with Mico is a segment inspired by my very own son, Mico. This will feature the lighter side of being a mom... funny anecdotes about my son... more reasons to smile and enjoy parenting! 

One time my then-3-year old son, Mico, was watching “Pororo the Penguin”, a show on Disney Junior Asia. 
Mico: “Mommy, it’s Po-lo-lo”
Mommy: “That’s Pororo!” (teaching him how to pronounce the name properly)
Mico: “Po-lo-lo!”
Mommy: “Repeat after me, ‘Po’…”
Mico: “Po…”
Mommy: “ro…”
Mico: “ro…”
Mommy: “ro!”
Mico: “ro!”
Mommy: “Pororo!”
Mico: “Penguin!”
Gave my son a big hug and enjoyed a really good laugh!