A CUP OF LOVE: 5 Ways to Love Life (While Waiting for True Love)

"You won't be happy with a partner until you can be happy on your own" - Rule #3 in Rules for Finding your True Love (from the book: The Rules of Love by Richard Templar).

Let's face it!  We all desire to find our one true love.  

Many times, we think that finding true love will guarantee us a fairy-tale ending.  But this is only the beginning of a long and winding, even sometimes difficult road to happiness and fulfillment.  It is a long journey we have to take together in order to reach that lifetime of forever. Falling in love is a moment in our lives which can suddenly make our world a beautiful place to live in.  Having someone to love and someone who will love us back will give our life more meaning and essence - enough reason to believe that life is indeed worth living!    

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But before we begin this journey... there is that period of searching... of waiting... of hoping...       

Finding ourselves in this stage often result in frustration, pain, hopelessness, impatience.  Some people don't need to wait long.  Some waited in vain.  Some took forever to find love.  Some are probably searching in the wrong places.  Some may still be searching, and beginning to lose hope.  Some thought that they can finally move on only to find themselves  going back to searching, waiting and hoping.

This is a difficult reality we sometimes need to face in our effort to discover true love.  The thing is, we often focus ourselves too much on reaching our ultimate destination - a life with the one we are destined to be - that we tend to forget how to prepare and to appreciate the actual journey of searching and waiting for our one true love.  

It took me 24 years to find true love... Many times I had to negotiate with God to approve my choices, but He didn't - not even one!  I had to give God a deadline, but He kept on telling me to wait.  Sometimes I can be stubborn and take matters into my own hands, only to have my heart broken.  I would pray endlessly, untiringly for my one desire, but there were moments when I knew God was listening but remained silent.   

On the other hand, it was during this period of waiting that I learned to discover more about my life. I found myself falling in love everyday...  with God, with myself, with the life I am living.

It was then that true love finally came knocking at the door of my life.  The long wait was finally over and it was definitely worth it!   I married my one true love...     

A non-existent love life doesn't mean that we have no reason at all to love our life. Our pains will not stop the world from spinning.  Our heartbreaks will not prevent time from flying so fast.  Our frustrations are not enough reason to stop us from living. 

Even if we do believe that love is all that matters and that love makes the world go round, with or without someone... life will definitely go on. 

One important aspect in finding true love is to fill our lives with love, peace and happiness. When all these are evident in how we live our lives...  true love will eventually find us.   

 Here are 5 ways to "Love Life"...

Love yourself

Prepare yourself to finding your one true love by learning to love yourself first.  Get to know yourself more, discover your inner strength and passion.  Pursue the things you dream of doing.  Pamper yourself.  Guard your heart, enrich your mind, purify your soul.

Love the idea of falling in love

Love is a gift from God - not the person.  The right person is only the vessel through which God's love will flow.  True Love, or the aspect or loving, is the real gift.  Appreciate the fact that you can "love" and that you are open to receive "love".   Fall in love with the concept of love - discover your capabilty to give pure, selfless, honest love - instead of focusing on that desire to be loved.
Love God

As cliche as it may sound, to love God with all your heart, soul and mind, will bring upon blessings in your life.  Love God above all things and the rest will follow.  Having a deep personal relationship with God will open your heart to His perfect plan and will for your life.  A heart burning with passion for God and His teachings will give you a clearer image of the kind of person that is meant for you.  Do a spiritual "makeover" by allowing God bring out the best in you - making you more attractive to the person He is preparing for you.   

Love to love

Spread love to the people in your life - family, friends, co-workers... A simple act of kindness will make a lot of difference  in the lives of others.  Opening yourself to loving others will teach you to be selfless and expose you to different situations and experiences in order to learn and grow more as a person.
Love the life you live

Focus on your blessings rather than on the things that are not going well in your life.  Instead of feeling bad about not having someone in your life, be thankful for your great job and wonderful family.  Be fulfilled and happy with your life rather than getting frustrated over your status as a single, unattached person.  Make the most of each day hoping that the best is yet to come.  Learning to be fulfilled and happy as an individual person, will make it easier for you to achieve a fulfilled and happy relationship as well.     

Deciding to love life will help us appreciate the "waiting" even more.  The more we love, the better our life will turn out to be for us to share it with that one person we are destined to spend the rest of our life with.   The longer we wait,  the more we will cherish our one true love in the manner that he / she deserves.   The more we hope, the greater the opportunity for God's plan to work not only in our lives, but also in the life of the person meant for us.

The more love we have in our lives,  the easier and more exciting it will be for true love to come knocking at our door.  

- Sam

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