FAMILY CAFE: Breaking Free: My Husband's Story of Conversion

Video Courtesy of KerygmaTV, featured episode, 2006

My husband, Noli, sharing his personal conversion in an episode of KerygmaTV back in 2006. 

This is the reason why I knew he was God's choice for me.  Initially, I was stubborn to let go and trust in His choice.  My heart was filled with so much fear... fear of giving my heart to a man I am not sure I could trust never to break it.

  But if there's one time I am thankful to God for not giving me what I wanted...  this is that moment.  I was praying for someone else but He gave me the person I never knew I needed to complement my life and inspire me to become a better person. 

Indeed, God knows the desires of our hearts and He's ready to give us only the best!

I honor my husband for his conviction to break free from sin, the boldness to witness and inspire others and the faithfulness to live a renewed life with God. 

My life will never be the same without him.