A reflection based on the Gospel according to John:
 "…’see you are well again.  Stop sinning or something worse will happen to you.’   The man went away and told the Jews that it was Jesus who made him well.” – Jn5:14-16

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The gospel is about the Healing at the Pool of Bethesda.  Whenever I would think of a place where there is a pool, I can imagine a wonderful, calming sight of clear, blue water and beautiful nature surrounding it.  But in the gospel, the pool was surrounded by disabled people – the blind, the lame, and the paralyzed.  This is the irony in the gospel...  imagine a beautiful place filled with sick people. 

Reflecting on life, we often seek to satisfy our desires based on the lures of the material world around us.  Most especially if we are blessed to live and enjoy the worldly comforts.  But despite owning the latest gadgets, living in a great big house, fame and fortune, a lot of us are “sick”.  We are “blinded” by materialism and corruption.  We become “lame” when we fail to speak up for our convictions and we become “paralyzed” when refuse to stand up for our principles. 

I admit at times, I can be blind, lame and paralyzed.  But God is always giving me opportunities to be well again through Jesus Christ.  No matter what situation I find myself in, He is my personal Savior.  He is always there, asking me to “get up!”  Whenever I fail and whenever I doubt, He is there to give me a second chance. 

Spiritual sickness is more difficult to heal.  But Christ will never give up on us.