I Will Walk For A Scholar... Walk With Me!


As God continues to bless our community and even our personal lives, this also comes with the honor of being a blessing to other people.

Through ANCOP (Answering the Cry of the Poor), Couples for Christ’s work with the poor program, we have been given the opportunity to help and make a difference.

One way to get involved is to take part in the ANCOP Global Walk 2012. 

It aims to:

TO RAISE FUNDS to support the ANCOP Scholarship program
            Continue1,000 scholars and
            Support 1,000 more college scholars or 2,000 more elementary or highschool scholars

TO RAISE AWARENESS of ANCOP as the social ministry of Couples for Christ, Servants of the Lord, Handmaids of the Lord, Singles for Christ, Youth for Christ and Kids for Christ


Last year, more than 50,000 people coming from all walks of life, joined the event in Metro Manila, plus thousands more from the different provinces in the Philippines and key cities around the world, walked for a scholar.  Some Middle East countries braved the intense heat just to be able to support.  It was indeed a victory not just for the scholars who will benefit from this, but also for God and His self-less people.

Also last year, ANCOP was blessed to have been re-launched in the various countries for CFC Middle East, particularly, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.  And since then, brothers and sisters from the region have been supporting the various programs and projects of ANCOP more particularly its goal to build homes and support poor scholars.

 This year, ANCOP will once again be mobilizing “walkers” on August 12, 2012 and everyone is invited to take part in the ANCOP Global Walk 2012.

For those who are scheduled to come home to the Philippines this August, you may join the various walk sites in Manila or key provinces.  Details as follows (for Manila Walk): - ANCOP Walk Site

For countries in the region who wish to organize your own walk, you may coordinate with your respective CFC and ANCOP national heads.

Let us be one in making a difference.  Walk for a Scholar!  Christ already led the way… it’s time for us to follow in His steps.

The registration for the ANCOP Global Walk is currently on-going.  Walkers may either fill out a registration form and submit and pay to any Couples for Christ memberor to the ANCOP Global Walk Secretariat located at 29 Evergreen Drive, Capitol Green Village, Bgy. Tandang Sora, Quezon City.  The AGW Secretariat may be reached via telephone numbers (02) 794-5363 and 935-7590; fax number 794-5363; e-mail walkforascholar2012@gmail.com.  Participants may alsoregister online via www.ancopglobalwalk.com and pay via BDO Bills Payment facility.  Registration fee is Php 300.

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