COFFEE REFLECTIONS: Is Your Faith "Child-like" or "Child-ish"?

"... let the little children come to me..."  

Time and again, Jesus reminds us of the proper posture to have as God's children, rightful heirs to His eternal kingdom.  As a child of God, He wants us to put our complete and utmost trust in His plans, to surrrender to His will and strive for purity of heart and mind. 

But what kind of children are we?  How are we living out our faith?

A "chilid-like" faith requires purity of our hearts to fully let go of our worldly desires and trust that God knows what is best.

A "child-ish" faith, on the otherhand, is when we act like spoiled brats, stubborn to let go of our worldly desires and insist on what we think is best.

Is your faith child-like or child-ish?