Most people wish to be in the limelight....

Successful people highlighting their career milestones... Politicians campaigning their works of charity... Actors proudly promoting their acting credentials... Students presenting their academic honors... Athletes displaying their trophies and medals... Even ordinary people seek to be credited for the good things they do. 

Let's face it... we all desire to "shine" before others. 

When great things happen in our lives - most especially if it has an inspiring impact to our personal lives and those of others - we can't wait to shout it out to the whole world.  Good news, great people definitely deserve to be in the limelight.    

But if our greatness and goodness are all for show and being done just for the sake of getting famous, well, this is a totally different story.  Not every great people "shine" for the right reasons. 

Sometimes we get "blinded" by the light of fame and power that we think highly of ourselves, feeling superior over others. Other times we fail to be a "light" to others due to our insecurity, fear and unrighteousness.  There are times when we seek to follow the brightness of God's will for our lives in order to pursue our own.  And sadly, there are also moments when we simply decide to live in darkness out of pride and stubborness of our hearts to know and accept God's plans and promises.

      The Transfiguration is perhaps, one of the highlights of Jesus' life here on Earth.  It was a preview of the glory of His resurrection and new life God intends to offer every man committed to live like Christ and follow in His steps.

What truly struck me in this event in Christ's life is His humility.  If there is one person who deserves to be in the limelight it is Jesus Himself.  It was supposed to be the best time to reveal Himself to His persecutors that He is truly the "one", the most "high".  It could have saved Him from the toruture, shame and suffering that he will have to go through.  But He chose to follow God's will that this is not the right time for His glory to be revealed - not yet. "he charged them not to relate what they had seen to anyone, except when the Son of Man had risen from the dead." - Mk 9:9

 He chose to share this glorious moment in His life to a few trusted and beloved friends.  Friends whom He knows will give their life to continue His legacy.  

Jesus had to suffer and die first before He can claim the limelight.  But His light shined so brightly with His resurrection enough to make an impact up to this very point in our lives. 

We also need to "die" in order to shine - not a physical death, but to die to ourselves.  We need to let our sinful, worldly and proud self "die" within us in order that "transfiguration" may happen in our lives.  To "transfigure" is to live the life that God wants us to live... be the person God desires for us to be... and shine before others that they may be inspired by the life we are living. 

Let our lives be a vessel from which Christ's light can shine through.