A Date with my Hubby!

SIDE A Band: our favorite band

6 days from now,  my husband and I will be celebrating our 8th Wedding Anniversary. 

A few days back, we were blessed to celebrate this in advance by watching the concert of our favorite band, Side A.   Being based abroad for the past 6 years, it's been a while since we watched a local Philippine band.  And what made it even more significant was having our favorite band come to Dubai and perform their classic hits. 

My husband and I missed having perfect moments like this - going out on a date and having time out from the stress of work and home responsibilities.  No thoughts or even worries about anything else, just enjoying each other's company. 

It was a perfect "coffee moment" for us... reminiscing our "girlfirend-boyfriend" days, talking about plans for our future and simply just having a great time. 

It's amazing how you can fall in love all over again with the same person. 

It's a wonderful feeling to know that I can be friends with the person I love the most and share light moments with.  It's an awesome idea to think how in spite of the "ups and downs" of married life and getting to know someone beyond the ideal, our relationship remains to be beautiful through the years.  

I am blessed to enjoy such a wonderful gift.  Our life as a married couple is never perfect, but it's designed by God for us to enjoy a lifetime of togetherness.

8 years of married life inspired me to come out with a series of blogs on marriage.  This will be "The Right Blend" series.  Watch out for it soon on Coffee Moments with Sam.