LAUGH MOMENTS WITH MICO: Don't Cook the Baby Dinosaurs!

*Laugh Moments with Mico is a segment inspired by my very own son, Mico. This will feature the lighter side of being a mom... funny anecdotes about my son... more reasons to smile and enjoy parenting! 

I was in the kitchen cooking when my son walked in.

As I was preparing to boil some quail eggs in the pan, he suddenly reacted:

"Mommy, no! Don't cook the babies!",

He was so upset that I became worried and wondered what triggered his reaction. 

He kept on saying,  "Please, don't cook the babies..." 

I then noticed that he was pointing at the quail eggs and this gave me an idea what he was referring to. 

"Don't worry... Mommy is just cooking eggs", I tried to explain.

"But there are baby dinosaurs inside the egg... don't cook the babies"...  he said again.

I smiled at his genuine concern for the baby dinosaurs... 

I explained that all eggs with babies inside are safe with their mommies. 

And the ones I have is a different set of eggs we can cook and eat. 

He simply replied, "okay"...  and left the kitchen... 

But I have a feeling that he was not quite convinced and that I still got a lot of explaining to do.