WARMTH FOR THE SOUL: Prayer for a Couple About to Get Married


Heavenly Father,
Bless this couple who have manifested their intention
to unite in marriage in the future.
Keep them close to You and to one another,
deepen their spirit of prayer and love,
and lead them to receive the Sacrament of Marriage with joy and happiness.
We ask this in the Name of Jesus the Lord.

photo credits: wedding rings - wikipedia

A COUPLE'S PRAYER (About to Get Married):

O Lord, we thank you for this wonderful gift of our love
which You have generously granted us and which allows us to build a true communion of persons between us ---provided we remain ever open to You, the Source of all love.
Help us to continue to love each other and accept each other unconditionally, as we get to know each other better.
Make us generous in giving and humble in receiving.
Enable us to communicate to one another all our joys, sufferings, and desires and all our hopes, sorrows, and difficulties.
Give us the power of Your Love that we may forget self and live for each other so that we may have truly one spirit, in preparation for the time when You will send us children to add to our union and love.

(source: 2heartsnetwork.org)