FAMILY CAFE: Home is Where Love Lives

Image Source: MomCenter Philippines

Home is not just a place where the seed of love is planted.  It is where love should be nourished. It is where love should be free to grow, and bear fruit which can fill up the hearts of everyone who lives in it.     

It's not easy to build a home fit to harvest pure, unconditional love.   

Blessed Pope John Paul II once said that, "to maintain a joyful family requires much from both the parents and the children.   Each member of the family has to become, in a special way, the servant of the others". 

Our homes are often a reflection of the state of our hearts.  And for love to grow, it entails humility and sacrifice to nurture pure, unconditional love within our hearts.   

So how can we best fill our homes with love?

Begin by establishing a healthy SOIL of relationship, bond and friendship.

Plant a good SEED of love filled with trust, openness and acceptance.

Place it in an ENVIRONMENT where faith in God can be nurtured.

Nourish and WATER daily with tender loving care.

Fill it up with the SUNSHINE of laughter and fun.

Provide a positive ATMOSPHERE of enouragement and support, giving each member room to breathe and grow individually to fulfill their purpose.   

And finally, share the FRUIT of this love to everyone, even beyond the comforts of our home, so that our hearts can bloom into a beautiful GARDEN of life lived to the full.

Home is where love truly dwells and our heart is the key to unlocking its real beauty.