Life is too Beautiful to Waste: OCTOBER BABY

The movie's official theatrical poster, US Release, 2012

I recently saw the movie, "OCTOBER BABY".  It touched my heart so much that I decided to see it again.  The second time I saw the film, it spoke deep into my heart and my mind, touching my soul as a woman.  The message is just so beautiful, so real, so inspiring...  

Perhaps, it is because the movie centered its story on the beauty of life and the chance to live it.  

"October Baby" is about Hannah, a 19 year old college freshman, who found out that she was an adopted survivor of a failed abortion.  She then embarked on a personal journey to discover more about herself and her real life in hope to find answers to her most profound questions about who she really was.  The search eventually led her to come into terms with herself, to appreciate love, and find forgiveness in her heart.

The movie's powerful message, most especially in dealing with abortion, premarital sex, and chastity, is an inspiring testimony in the midst of today's controversial issues on society's different, and sometimes misguided views in upholding the dignity of life.   

But I am not about to go into discussing much of the issues,  rather, this is more of a personal reflection on why and how October Baby had such a great impact on me.

I wish to begin by sharing how I lost my unborn child.  He was my "October Baby".  It was in October 2005, when I suffered a miscarriage during my first pregnancy one year after getting married.  My baby was eight and half weeks old when it was discovered that he had no more heartbeat inside my womb.  The physical pain I felt as a result of the miscarriage can never compare to the emotional and mental pain of losing a child.    

This experience gave me a new perspective on life.  I have already been an advocate of life even when I was still single. But after losing my unborn child, my conviction to stand up for life became even stronger and more real.  

The movie re-affirmed this personal advocacy.  It gave me more insights on what I am standing up for.  

Here are 5 powerful, inspiring realities based on my favorite lines from the movie which I believe teaches us all about life, love, relationships, forgiveness and healing:  
"Live your life... live it to the Full" 

Just imagine, how many unborn babies will never get to see the beauty of a sunset... smell the fresh scent of flowers in springtime... hear the sweet sound of a beautiful melody... taste a sumptous home-cooked meal... and feel the warmth of a mother's embrace.    

Life is indeed beautiful because it is God's precious gift to humanity.  We all have the right to live but unfortunately, not everyone have been allowed this right as a consequence of another person's wrong choices in life. 

But for most of us who have been given this right to live, we owe it to God to live it to the full.  

"What's wrong with not having a wildside?  I'm glad about the fact that I haven't done these things before..."
Hannah in this scene was talking about her virginity. 

Personally, my parents were quite conservative on this matter and taught me early on to protect my virginity at all cost.  That's why I was proud to be pure - inspite of all the temptations - on my wedding day.  Knowing that I have preserved myself for that one, special person at the right time, increased my self-worth as a woman.

It was a great feeling to give myself whole and pure to my husband...  guilt-free.  I don't regret waiting, it was definitely worth it.       

And getting pregnant one year into our married life was for me one of the best rewards of waiting for the right time. 

"I didn't see a tissue.  I saw the face of a child"
Whenever I would talk about my miscarriage, some people couldn't understand how I could mourn nothing but a bloody mass of tissue.  Days before I lost him, I heard the faint beating of his heart and right then I knew that I was nurturing real life inside of me.

No matter what form my child may be in 8 weeks into my pregnancy... he is alive and a human.  And to me, he is God's precious gift, enough to change my life forever.

"Hatred is a burden you no longer need to carry"
Many times, it takes only a single mistake to lead us into making the wrong choices in life.  And what's worst is that, we fail to forgive ourselves or even blaming other people for it. 

A forgiving heart will ease any burden we carry... a repentant heart is greater than our sins.     

To free our hearts of hatred, guilt and regret is a choice we can make.  This is the first step to being healed and appreciating life the way it's supposed to be.     

"Thank you... for wanting me"
I consider this to be the one of the most touching scene in the movie.  Hannah, came up to his foster father, hugged and whispered, "thank you for wanting me". 

There may be moments in our life when we feel unwanted, abandoned, or even unloved.  Life may sometimes be unfair but trust that there is someone who is always "wanting" us, ready to forgive, ready to heal and ready to love.  He is God our Father. 

A real Father will never abandon or reject His children.  

May these five lessons inspire us to believe that "every life is indeed beautiful".  And everybody deserve to experience such a beautiful, wonderful thing. No matter what our circumstances may be, life is just too precious and too beautiful to waste.  

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you
Before you were born I sanctified you."

Jeremiah 1:4-5
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"OCTOBER BABY is a heart-warming story of redemption that brings to the big screen how a seemingly small decision can powerfully affect many lives and relationships. See it—you'll be inspired!"
Peggy Hartshorn, President, Heartbeat International

"This is a touching movie with a story that needs to be told. I pray that OCTOBER BABY will heal hurting hearts and open the eyes of those with hardened hearts."
Carol Tobias, President, National Right to Life