Life Mentors

Today, October 5, is World Teachers Day. I sincerely honor all the teachers who have been a part of my life through the years.  

Today is also a celebration of love... of 37 years of blessed union for my parents - my very first TEACHERS.

Beyond being my first TEACHERS... my mom and dad are my LIFE MENTORS.   They taught me more than what I could ever learn inside a classroom. The lessons can be difficult to understand at times, but their patience and guidance are more than enough for me to learn so much about life.  

They never fail to prepare me for any test.  Their love and prayers have always helped me find the right answers and pass with flying colors. 

And in moments I would fail... they make sure I get another chance.  For every mistake I make, there is always that loving and trusting encouragement that I can do better next time.  

I continue to learn from them even if I have my own family now.  Their sacrifice, hardwork, patience and love continue to inspire me to strive to be a better person.  

I thank God for my mom and dad... for 36 years of my life learning from them...  for 37 years of their life together as husband and wife, as parents, as mentors.  

Happy Anniversary!  Here's to more years of loving and learning more about life through their inspiration!