The Light of Joy

(A Reflection on the 3rd Candle of Advent: The Candle of Joy)

For this week's advent reflection, I wish to share another Christmas story.  It's a modern Christmas Children's Classic entitled, "A Wish to be a Christmas Tree", written by Colleen Monroe.  Here's a video version of the story as narrated by Mitch Albom:

The story is about an old, overgrown pine tree, who for many years had been waiting and hoping to be selected as someone's special Christmas Tree.  He witnessed how many other trees had been taken into different homes, decorated with lights and tinsels... beautifully bringing joy into the lives of those who live in it. 

As years passed, he has already grown too big to be someone's Christmas tree.  This made him so sad and lonely. 

But his friends from the woods all believed that he is quite a special tree.  They told him how much he has brought joy into their lives.  He has provided shelter and warmth for the squirrels and the birds, and all other forest animals.  To make him feel important all the animals decorated him with various forest trimmings.  Through the love of his friends, the tree realized how important he was not just during the Christmas season but all year through. 

A Wish to be a Christmas Tree by Colleen Monroe

As a child, I have always loved that joyful and magical wonder of the Christmas season.  Every year, I would look forward to seeing what my parents and Santa would be giving me for Christmas.  My heart is filled with joy whenever I would get what I truly hoped for. 

But now that I have my own family, I have realized that Christmas is more fun as a mom.  It is such a priceless moment to witness the joy in my child's eyes as he discover the wonderful blessing of this season.  Nothing beats that pure joy in giving and sharing to my loved ones.  More importantly, it is an honor and privilege as a mom to instill in my child the true meaning and essence of sharing love and spreading the holiday cheer. 

Joy is not always about getting what you want for Christmas...  I learned through the years that happiness is even more meaningful with every piece of my heart I am able to share to others.  It's all about being able to give and fulfilling our purpose for other people to experience joy.  

May the story of the old pine tree inspire us to seek joy in giving and sharing.  And may this joy be forever in our hearts even beyond the Christmas season.