5 Tips to Strengthening your Relationship with your Spouse this Season

The stress and busy-ness of the holiday season can cause a strain in many marriages, as it is often a time for major decisions: what to give the children, where to spend the holidays, his parents or yours, how to go about budgeting your finances, who to invitehow to squeeze in a reunion with friends and family in your already packed schedule, etc.

It’s ironic how the supposedly merry, magical season can also be a difficult time for couples. is the holidays are meant to be a season of love and joy for the entire family, but our tendency to focus too much on the things we need to do rather than the true spirit of the season can take the fun and meaning away from it.  

In the midst of juggling all the responsibilities and major decision-making, it is important for spouses to work together towards celebrating a meaningful season. Here are a few simple ways to do that:
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