The Missionary Path

It is the road less travelled... 

It's definitely not the ideal path to take but I took it... even if at first I didn't understand why I did. The missionary path had been my life's journey for the past 13 years.   Through it all, God never failed to give me the life I deserved.  And because He is a loving and generous God, it was a life worth living.  

Mission Sending ceremony with Cardinal Tagle

I was privileged to re-commit myself once again to the missionary life.  During last Holy Monday's "Mission Sending Ceremony" with His Excellency Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, I experienced this wonderful opportunity to renew my missionary vows.  

It was the best homecoming gift for me after 7 years of mission in the Middle East.  All the sacrifice and hardwork was worth it.  It gave me a whole new sense of being and purpose.  My life - no matter where I am called - belongs only to God.   For once we have responded to the calling to be missionaries, mission becomes our life.  

My family is my mission... motherhood is my mission... married life is my mission... my career is my mission... loving is my mission... and to witness is my mission.    

"Faith is a calling to mission.  Missionaries are called by Christ to be disciples in faith and witness for Him." - Cardinal Tagle