Mommy Musings: A Mother's Day Blog

I used to think that being a mom was easy, that is, until I became one. 

Growing up, I witnessed how my own mother balanced her life as a wife, a career woman, her community service and her 7 children!  I appreciated how she did her job as a mom that I said to myself, "hey, being a mom is so simple!"   

But I later on discovered that motherhood was tougher than I thought..

The day I gave birth ... I was given a new life to nourish and a new life to live.  It's definitely not going to be an easy task.  But life with my child will be a new journey I am looking forward to experiencing for the rest of my life.  . 

The most important thing I learned about motherhood is that life was never about me anymore … my child became my life and my family became my world.   

But in spite of the demands and challenges of motherhood, I am truly grateful for this role.   

My mother inspired me to realize my own personal mission as a mom.  I embraced motherhood as one of the best things that ever happened to me.  It's definitely not an easy task, but nothing can ever compare with that awesome feeling in each hug after every tantrum... in each kiss after every scolding episode.  I cherish those precious moments of seeing my son stand up after each fall and witnessing every smile after each crying moment.  I find joy in every peaceful sleeps together after a tiring day and in the warmth of hearing each "ba-bu" (my son's version of I love you when he was 2 years of age) after every "sorry". 

Being a mom brings out the best and sometimes worst in me, but it is in striving to bring out the best in my child that gives me strength to carry on this task and realize that every sacrifice is definitely worth it.

The best things about being a mom is seeing life through the innocent eyes of my 4-year old... that pure happiness of being able to love selflessly... and that wonderful sense of fulfillment in witnessing my child, little by little, grow up to be the person I hoped he would become.

Motherhood is indeed a wonderful gift and every life is indeed a miracle! 

Happy Mother’s Day!