8 Ways to Enjoy a Guilt-free Me-time

Let’s face it!  We moms deserve a break once in a while. I remember the first few times I scheduled a “mommy-moment” to relax and unwind. I definitely felt good the first few hours only to find myself feeling anxious the rest of the day. All I could think of was what I left behind at home. There were also times I wished they were with me instead of being on my own.  

But of course, the reality is that I need my “me-time”. I tend to be a better person when I am more relaxed and emotionally healthy. Be it a day of pampering, coffee with girlfriends, an out-of-town trip with hubby, or simply reading a good book in a coffee place, a few moments away from our mom responsibilities every now and then can be beneficial to our well-being.

So go on… take time off minus the guilt!  Here are 8 ways to enjoy a guilt-free alone time: