Happiness Is...

Last week, I was helping my son, Mico, with his school assignment.  The instruction was to list down "10 Things that Make Me Happy".  

So I asked my son what makes him happy and he answered:

1. "Hug"
2. "When I listen to my Teacher"
3. "Playing"
4. "Mommy or Daddy Kissing my Cheek"
5. "Having Toys"
6. "Watching Cartoons"
7. "Family"
8. "Dancing"
9. "Sharing Toys and Food"
10. "Love"

Children truly knows the real essence of HAPPINESS.  What a great way to be reminded that HAPPINESS is within us.  It may be expressed in simple ways but the true meaning of it lies in the purity of our hearts.  It's up to us to decide how we choose to be happy each day.