Leap of Faith

Looking back at how I first started my life as a career woman, I realized I was extremely focused on myself. It was all about my ambitions, my success, my yearnings… I was beginning to progress in my career when God suddenly changed the course of my journey. A new and totally different path was ahead of me. This would entail sacrificing my dreams and giving up my worldly desires.
I found myself following God’s path and everything changed — changed for the better of course. Because saying “yes” to God’s plan for me to be a missionary made me a better person. It was not a perfect life nor did I get the perfect job. I was not spared the heartaches, pains and challenges. For in the midst of it all, God’s perfect love for me was more than enough.
I devoted 14 years of my life serving God full time as a missionary. 14 years of gaining new friends, exploring new territories, learning things I never thought I would, experiencing a rewarding life far beyond compare, and more importantly, being blessed with the things that matter most in life.

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